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We have released an integration with FeetSizr.

You only need a phone and a sheet of paper. The scan is a one-time procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. Our algorithm will generate a 3D mesh of your feet with accurate measurements based on the pictures you take. 
After the scan process is finished, the 3D mesh of your feet will be recorded and linked to your FeetSizr ID.
Use your ID during the “size selection” step of the checkout to get a tailored size recommendation for the specific style being purchased.


Which size do you recommend?

The best advise is go with the shoe size you normally use when wearing dress shoes.

Can I use my sneaker's size as a reference?

Goodyear Welted shoes & sneakers are made & fit quite differently. Sneaker fit is quite forgiving, whereas in a Goodyear Welted pair of shoes you’d like to have a close and adjusted feel in order to have the best and most comfortable fit.

Said that, it is better to compare your size with another pair of Goodyear Welted or dress shoes you have or have tried before.

What do you recommend if I am between sizes?

If you’re in between sizes, size up. Too tight shoes will end up resulting uncomfortable or not wearable. Most importantly, you can always adjust a loose fit by adding a small insole.

Please, contact us for orientation if you a have any special size requirements.

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